Welcome to my animation cel and production art gallery. Growing up the Dragonball series were always my favorite shows. My primary focus is collecting from Dragonball Z and Dragonball GT.

My cel collection is very new. I have just recently started collecting cels. It is very exciting to own a piece of animation history. As my collection grows I will share them here on my page. If you have any DBZ/GT cels for sell don't hesitate to reach out.

Please feel free to browse through my collection. I will continue to add more as I acquire them. Please enjoy your visit and don't forget to leave Feedback.

"Animation is not the art of drawings that move but the art of movements that are drawn."
- Norman McLaren

News & Updates

10/11/2017A few new additions including Goten from DBZ episode 237 and Goku from Dragonball GT Final Bout.
9/11/2017I have several new additions to my Dragonball collection.
2/14/2017My gallery is updated! I bought a cel from some friends I know and I just received a batch of cels, douga, and genga from Japan. I'm pretty pumped!
12/21/2016My 5 layer GT saiyan cel came in today. All the layers are unstuck and includes two layers that are used as blackout layers. This is a very cool cel. Check it out in the Dragonball GT: Groups tab.

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Title Last Updated
Dragonball GT: Goku (3) 5/20/2017
Dragonball GT: Group (1) 12/21/2016
Dragonball GT: Vegeta (2) 2/14/2017
Dragonball GT: Final Bout (PS1) (1) 10/11/2017
Dragonball Super: Genga (4) 10/16/2017
Dragonball Super: Vegito (1) 12/17/2016
Dragonball Super: Goku Black (1) 11/2/2016
Dragonball Z: Android 13 (1) 12/17/2016
Dragonball Z: Bojack (1) 8/11/2017
Dragonball Z: Cui (1) 12/17/2016
Dragonball Z: Gohan (2) 9/11/2017
Dragonball Z: Goku (8) 8/26/2017
Dragonball Z: Goten and Trunks (3) 10/11/2017
Dragonball Z: Krillin (1) 10/10/2016
Dragonball Z: Migoren (1) 2/14/2017
Dragonball Z: Ultimate Battle 22 (PS1) (3) 8/29/2017
Dragonball Z: Vegeta (1) 10/10/2016
Dragonball: Krillin (1) 2/14/2017
Dragonball: Master Roshi (1) 2/14/2017
Dragonball: Goku (1) 5/1/2017
Dragonball: Hacchan (1) 11/9/2016

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Gallery Created: 10/1/2016
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